K9 Chico


Meet K9 “Chico,” the latest K9 your donations have helped. He and his Pilot Officer JT Raney of the DHS in Indiana are recipients of some training equipment and a K9 Storm Harness. It is amazing to me how much personal money these Officers spend on their Dogs and the equipment needed to keep them serving their communities in an effective manner. Your donations make a difference. Obviously K9 “Chico” is a bit tired after a full day but he will not be releasing his ball!

Thanks People. I am humbled and grateful.




So some of the 3 people who follow the blog have asked me about “Rooster” and they wanted to know more about him. He is one of the first Dogs we helped out and he is the only one we’ve helped with a medical procedure.

I asked “JP” the Police Officer who rolls with K9 Rooster when he goes to work if he’d share some of the details of the award they’d received at the annual meeting of the Virginia Police Work Dog Association. The award was given for Rooster’s actions during a dangerous evening here in my community.

At about 0100 in the morning a few thugs with guns started a bit of a robbery spree. A few hours later the thugs were spotted driving around in their car. JP and K9 Rooster were called in and when the suspects were told to stop and show their hands, one of the suspects began moving away from the police. JP yelled out warnings to the suspect that he’d send Rooster to deal with him if he didn’t stop. Those warnings were ignored and Rooster, a 65 lbs. K9 chased down and apprehended (that means he bit) the suspect, a grown-ass man. JP followed closely and while he was cuffing the first suspect, another suspect decided to flee. JP sent Rooster out again and while Rooster was on his way to engage, another Police Officer caught the suspect. JP told Rooster to “hold up” so as to not complicate things with the other Officer. Rooster stopped as instructed and waited until he was asked to return to JP. Both of these suspects were armed and dangerous and Rooster was an integral part of the arrest of these dangerous thugs.

On another evening another thug broke into a home where there were two young women. They called the Police and JP+ Rooster were invited to the incident. The suspect/thug was hiding deep in a closet where he couldn’t be seen. Rooster let the Officers know that there was something up in the closet and when the Officers looked inside they couldn’t see anything. Rooster kept at it and was released. He engaged the thug and the thug kicked and punched Rooster vigorously. This is a bad idea with 65 lb. Rooster. It made Rooster very angry and Rooster went ahead and punished the thug with his teeth and jaw.


Officer Jamie Huling and his Dog “Trigger” who your generous donations have helped doing some extra special duty-





So I messed around with a few different designs for the logo and this one seems to me the best.
Obviously my arrogance is significant enough that I used a silhouette of Spike and myself in front of the large star. The smaller stars represent the Dogs I served with who were killed in action. The other names that go along with those stars are “Toby” “Falco” and “Remco.” “Remco” saved my life the night I was wounded. Later on when things settle down and there aren’t 100 people writing their version of the NAVY SEAL story, I’ll talk about those Dogs and how incredible each of them were.

I’ll do it for free- When I went through BUD/s my favorite instructor was a Dog Handler in Vietnam. He didn’t charge me for his stories.

When I think back on the things we (me and the Dogs and my crew) did together I have a difficult time remembering anything good. Mostly I remember my mistakes. The one gleaming bright positive thing I remember is the collective beauty of those Dogs doing their jobs. Their drive and focus was unsurpassed and anytime they struggled to complete their mission it was the fault of the humans that they were attached to or a training scenario we (the humans responsible for training them) hadn’t dreamed up. They were always fearless and their instincts and ferocity saved many lives. The logo is significant. Those Dogs are significant. Thanks-




This is a photo taken from inside a helo over some rough terrain with me and Spike and a few others.

We were on our commute home from the night shift and the sun had risen.

When I look at this, I immediately remember how Spike saved my ass on multiple occasions.

I miss him and I want to carry on his drive and spirit through this non-profit.

There are Working K9’s out there doing crazy dangerous things on a nightly basis to protect their crew and their communities.

They deserve the best gear and the best care they can receive.

I want Spike’s K9 Fund to be the “go to” crew when people need help keeping their K9 team safe and effective.  I want to be there on the other end, when the working K9 can no longer do it’s job and deserves to be taken care of.

Today we sent a bite suit to a K9 team in the Dept. of Homeland Security in Indiana.

Thank you for your donations and for taking the time to look at this photo.

Help me carry Spike’s spirit.

Donations at Work

ZeusDep Brad2


Hey people,

These two photos were provided by Deputy Britt Bradford from Dickens County Texas.

Your donations provided he and his two K9’s with solid equipment to do their job.

I want you to know that quality gear is worth its weight in gold.  Your generosity will help this K9 crew do their jobs more effectively and will keep them safer.

Thank You-

If you want to donate, please click on the “paypal” donation button here on the homepage of the website.


Hot Yoga Fund Raiser

A few weeks ago, 30 people came together at Bikram Hot Yoga Virginia Beach to participate in a fund-raiser for Spikes K9 Fund. Those people donated $750.00 to our organization AND they did 90 minutes of hot Yoga. Neither of those was easy. I am very grateful. Thank you to everyone in attendance and thanks especially to Becka Davidson and her crew at the studio for hosting us and sponsoring the fund-raiser.

The amount of generosity and support that we have experienced in the last few months has been compelling and it lets me know that this is a good thing.

We’ve helped out a few K9 Teams and we aim to do a lot more of it.

Please check out the Yoga Studio.  I do yoga religiously and it helps me quite a bit.



Thomek talks

Thomek is our Cancer Survivor and was a Police K9 in Indianapolis. He worked the streets and did a good job and we love having him in our family. We try to spoil him, but occasionally we have this situation:
T Talks

Thanks to your generosity, we are off to a good start

A quick post as we roll into 2015.  Your generosity has been compelling.  We’ve helped more than a few Working K9 Teams and we are going to help a bunch more in 2015.  The latest K9 team we’ve been able to assist is from Laurel Indiana and they have a little Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LPDK9Diablo

We’ve also recently helped out a K9 team from Dickens, TX with a significant equipment contribution. Deputy Britt Bradford has a couple of working K9’s and a large area to cover with very little funding.  These are the types of teams that need our help.  If you get the chance to post a link or pass the word, please do so as any exposure is a good thing.

I’m still working through the vetting process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit. Wow. That is something.

I’ll be working on a better solution for Hats and T-shirts.  I am not in the business of selling and shipping clothing, so I’m getting some assistance from people in the know. Seems those things do raise a fair amount of $.

The paypal donation link is always at the ready here on the website.  Any donation, no matter how small is appreciated.


Thanks for your support and I wish you a kick-ass 2015.



K9 Rooster

When I heard about what was going on with K9 Rooster I knew that this would be my mission. K9 Rooster is a Bomb and Patrol Dog. “Patrol” means he hunts bad guys down and holds on to them until the humans get there to do their business. Rooster had experienced a serious breathing issue and he needed to get that issue fixed or he was going to be put down. The Police Officer who is Rooster’s “pilot” did some research and found a place nearby that would do a surgery to try and fix Rooster’s breathing problem. The City where Rooster Serves has a Veterinarian and that human didn’t think the surgery was worth the money.
Rooster had been actively involved in the apprehension of multiple ARMED suspects after they committed a robbery and had found and then apprehended an intruder in a citizens home who was hiding in a closet. In short, Rooster was and is worth the $ to keep him with his Partner and serving their community. It is difficult to find a Dog who can handle that type of work on a consistent basis and Rooster is “all in.”
Because of your generosity and kindness, Rooster just returned from his surgery and is doing well. He has to be on “light duty” for a while and then we will see how he does. Even if Rooster doesn’t get to go back out and do what he loves, which is hunting down criminals, he will still get a chance to live with his family.
I sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity.Rooster Home