K9 Rooster

When I heard about what was going on with K9 Rooster I knew that this would be my mission. K9 Rooster is a Bomb and Patrol Dog. “Patrol” means he hunts bad guys down and holds on to them until the humans get there to do their business. Rooster had experienced a serious breathing issue and he needed to get that issue fixed or he was going to be put down. The Police Officer who is Rooster’s “pilot” did some research and found a place nearby that would do a surgery to try and fix Rooster’s breathing problem. The City where Rooster Serves has a Veterinarian and that human didn’t think the surgery was worth the money.
Rooster had been actively involved in the apprehension of multiple ARMED suspects after they committed a robbery and had found and then apprehended an intruder in a citizens home who was hiding in a closet. In short, Rooster was and is worth the $ to keep him with his Partner and serving their community. It is difficult to find a Dog who can handle that type of work on a consistent basis and Rooster is “all in.”
Because of your generosity and kindness, Rooster just returned from his surgery and is doing well. He has to be on “light duty” for a while and then we will see how he does. Even if Rooster doesn’t get to go back out and do what he loves, which is hunting down criminals, he will still get a chance to live with his family.
I sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity.Rooster Home

First Recipient

So today we were able to provide Deputy Taylor and his K9 “Kraken” with a “K9 Storm” duty harness.  When I was in the SEAL Teams I used the K9 Storm equipment and it was excellent. It was so awesome to give a K9 Team a solid piece of kit to be utilized on their job.  Deputy Taylor works in a very small unit with a lot of ground for he and Kraken to cover.  Thank you for supporting us.  This is the first of what I hope will be many K9’s and K9 crews who are helped by Spikes K9 Fund. I also made a little video in celebration: http://tinyurl.com/mtbngu3IMG_0107

Dogs saved me. My mission is to take care of them.

I’m a retired SEAL. I was a K9 handler for a few deployments and then went on to other things. “Spike” was my first “Working Dog” and he saved my sorry ass more than once. Spike was KIA in 2006. I was wounded in 2009.  The Dog I was with (Remco) took the first 2 rounds.  I took the next one.  That Dog died doing his job. He saved my life like other Dogs did during my previous deployments. I owe them.  I have a good crew helping me out.  Please read my mission statement and pass the word.  If you know of K9 teams in places with no funds who need help, please get them to this website. I’m invested.