Kennel Plans

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Above you can see the floorpan and the elevation rendering of the Spike’s K9 Fund Kennel.

Cox. Kliewer & Company have taken us on as a pro-bono project.  We feel very fortunate and look forward to the day we open.  Obviously there is a lot of work ahead of us but just having something to visualize makes things more serious. We don’t have the 6 acre location we’d need to build this facility yet.  We don’t have the funding yet available, but our goals are being developed and we are on a solid footing.

Thank you, the donors and people who follow our social media and this blog.  We are grateful.

Big things coming.


CWD Caras + “K9 Max” Movie





Check out CWD Caras.  New set of wheels purchased with your generous donations.  When I received this photo last night from Amanda, I had just finished taking part in an early showing of the “K9 Max” movie.  The studio and one of the screeners had generously offered to let me say a few words about Spike’s K9 Fund before the movie began.  We had our crew, the “Pretty-Lethals” (more on them later) there to hand out fliers as people exited.  I was pretty emotional about seeing CWD Caras with his new rig and that combined with the movie (tough for me for obvious reasons) made me pretty emotional.  People came out of the theater, saw me and I could see that their eyes were wet from emotion as well.  People stuffed cash into my hand and I’ve received a few donations from the website in the last 12 hours.

What does all of this mean?

To me it means that we are at a place where Americans are beginning to see the sacrifices and hard work that these Working Dogs have put into our safety and well-being.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that we at Spike’s K9 Fund have been given because of your generosity.  We have spent a little over $10,000.00 on helping working K9’s since we started this little organization last November.

We’ve helped Working K9 Teams in Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Virginia.

Today I received the second set of blueprints for the “Spike’s K9 Fund” Kennel. I’ll share those in the next blog post. Things are rolling along and I am humbled.

This is just a big fat “Thank You” blogpost.

We are grateful.



K9 Athena-

We have done a bit for K9 Athena and her Pilot, “Polly.”
I wanted to share, with her permission, an email she sent me today to keep me apprised of what is going on with Athena. It is important that people understand the bond and love that those who work with K9’s, have with them.

Athena checked in this morning. They are running test re taking xrays and going to start her on antibiotics just to be safe. They had to order the right implant and it will be here Monday. So right now surgery has been set for Monday and Athena will be staying at Stillwater being treated like a princess. She has only tried to bite one male doctor when we left her.

When you call please ask for Leanne she will be able to help you.

It was so hard leaving Athena crying I hated leaving her but they have to be able to work on Athena and hopefully without me there it will easy her a little so they can work on her.


Thank You for your generosity-

Send Athena and Polly some good energy-


Pivot Point Crossfit

Yesterday a gym started by 3 friends and called “Pivot Point Crossfit,”decided to use their grand opening as a vehicle for raising money for Spike’s K9 Fund.  They created a workout or “WOD” called “Spike” and based it off of a matrix that a working K9 may follow during a night of work.  Running, Climbing, some heavy lifting and “holding on” through a violent encounter.  It was incredible. Volunteers from a lovely little establishment, “The Bier Garten” came out and cooked up some excellent food We had “Canine Boomer” from a nearby Police Department, put on a demonstration.  We were provided with a table and a location to set up and sell Spike’s K9 Fund “swag”  and space for our donation boxes (which were filled). In all it was a day filled with community and generosity and Spike’s K9 Fund made over $3,000.00 in donations and sales.  I am grateful to live in a country where people can hang out their shingle and do business. I am humbled by, and grateful for, our volunteers.  I am humbled by yet another example of the sense of community that the Crossfit culture demonstrates on a regular basis.  I am grateful for the generosity of people who see the meaning of our mission and help us out in the many ways we need it. So in short…..I am humbled and grateful for much.  Thank You.




K9 Mordus

Here is a note from the latest recipient of your generosity:

Mordus will be my third PSD K-9. I had  the opportunity to fly over to the Netherlands and pick him out. He was being trained in KNPV but was not titled due to him only being 14 months old when I got him. We returned to the U.S. in mid April of 2014 and began training in drug detection and tracking. We became completely certified in all aspects of detection work and patrol work. Mordus and I hit the streets on June 14th 2014. Since then he has made several catches on tracks for criminals and a find for a lost child. Mordus has found drugs in vehicles and homes during search warrants. His efforts have been used to open up other investigations and help forfeit real property.

Thanks to and CEO James Hatch, we will be able to be ready at a moments notice and conduct our job much safer!

Deputy Christopher Topacio #366

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office
K9 Handler/Master Trainer, NAPCH
“Live Free or Die”

K9 Max

Yesterday I was able to take a few pics of the latest Dog we were able to help because of your generosity.


K9 Max:


K9 Max is just beginning his career as a narcotics detection Dog.  He will be traveling far and wide. He will travel on planes, trains, boats and automobiles.

His new harness will help him be safer and more effective in his work.

Thank you


Check it out.  Today I received this email:



Helen sent me information to contact you. 
Athena and I work for a small rural Sheriff’s Office in Southeastern Oklahoma. The Sheriff’s Office does not have the funding to pay for any medical that Athena or other working dogs may need. Athena has been on staff with the Sheriff’s Office since May of 2012 and has worked for two different Sheriff’s. Athena is a police K9 that has had one hip replacement surgery and still needs the other hip replaced. Athena still works with the kids and does PR work.  We had planned on letting Athena just do PR work and me using K9 Reiko for patrol work. K9 Reiko was a Military working dog that served  2 years before coming to us in October of 2012. K9 Reiko served with K9 Athena until February 27, 2015 on this day. K9 Reiko passed away suddenly due to a brain aneurysm. With the death of Reiko it has put Athena back into working patrol with me. Athena really needs her hip replaced so she can work without as much pain. Athena loves to work is the only reason that she has not been retired. The vets have told me that there is no reason that Athena could not work with having her hips replaced. Athena’s first hip surgery was done at Oklahoma State University. Athena is scheduled for her next surgery on April 28, 2015. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.  
So here is the deal….Athena needs help.  Her Pilot and her community need her out there keeping them safe.  We will help them.
Click HERE to go to their “Go Fund Me” account and donate any amount you can.  What they don’t get in donations, Spike’s K9 Fund will cover.
This is our mission.
Thank You for your support.


This story shows us what happens with working K9’s.  There are several points in this story that relate directly to our mission here at Spike’s K9 Fund.  The details about how the Police Officer was treated and then saved are the eye grabbers.  But for you who follow us, key in on the part about the mechanism that the police officer used to get the K9 involved in the fight and ultimately saving his life.  The “door-popper” is an item I think every K9 Officer would like to have but they cost $ and in this case, this officer was in one of the two vehicles out of four K9 Patrol Cars that was outfitted with the mechanism.  Obviously he was very fortunate on many levels.  Our Mission at Spike’s K9 Fund is to provide the work K9’s and their “Pilots” with the best and most effective gear to keep them alive in situations like the one in the story.  We need your help.  Please “click” on the donate button.

Thank You-


On any average day I get 3 to 4 emails or Facebook links sent to me with some cute or cool Dog video.  Sometimes they are cute, sometimes they show working Dogs doing amazing things.  Sometimes they are sad and sometimes they show cruelty or abuse being committed on Dogs.

I appreciate the recognition from people but I’d like to suggest something.

When you are clicking and you watch or want to send someone a cool, sad, disturbing link about K9’s, you are using precious time.

So, if you feel compelled, please spend those clicks and seconds sending out links to organizations that help K9’s.  If it isn’t our organization, pick one you feel strongly about.

As with movies or books about war… is cool to be entertained, but it is much more meaningful if you can help the real life  individuals associated with your entertainment.

There are people doing amazing things for Dogs.

Help them with your precious time and click quota!



Think about it



 I’d like you to take a look at the K9 in this photo.  He is about 70lbs.  He is hitting a 200lb human that towers over him.  He is not afraid.  He is committed.  These Dogs generally go in first.  They are generally fighting an armed or dangerous subject.  They get hit and kicked and shot and stabbed and they keep working.

They deserve to be cared for.  Not tossed away like a dirty rag when they get hurt or can no longer work.

They have commitment.

Me too.

Please help us out.

hit the donate button.

Send us what you’d pay in movie theater snacks when you go see the latest cheesy war movie or K9 movie.  Help the Dogs that do things for real!