K9 Max









Meet “K9 Max”







K9 Max is a young Narcotics Dog who is still in training and who will be doing his work in some dangerous spots

We are going to purchase K9 Max a type of harness that I used when I was in the military.

It is called the “Aerial Insertion Harness” and it is used for K9’s who need to get places by means other than walking.

K9 Max has some big adventures ahead of him and I want him to be as prepared as he can be for them.

The Harness is expensive and we will need to pick up our fundraising efforts to be able to provide this level of quality protection to the Dogs who need it.

Thank you for your generosity already.  Your donations and t-shirts purchases have funded the helping of other K9’s and the building of this website.

Please pass our mission along on your social media accounts and help us raise some more $.

-I thank you and so does K9 Max-




Remco & Bergdahl


One night we were sent out to rescue a kid who we’d been told, had walked off his post and been captured.  It was a rough evening.  It was expensive and searing.  So when I see the news regarding Mr. Bergdahl I get to re-visit that evening. The Dog in the picture above saved my and a few other peoples lives that night.  He did so by finding a couple of the enemy who were laying in wait to kill us.  He paid for our lives with his.

Now I know, and you should know as well, that the Dogs don’t know about War and they don’t understand the consequences that can occur.  They DO understand that they are with their crew and they are hunting and the blood that runs through their veins is laced with the juice to do that job, that fight .


I vividly remember Remco’s last moments. He was fully invested in his work and he saved us.


A while after, I was contacted through some friends, by a man who worked with a group called “The Seeing Eye.” He asked me if I’d allow them to name a puppy, destined to become a seeing eye Dog, after Remco.  I was not Remco’s handler and it wasn’t my place to make that call.  I called his handler, who to this day cannot speak of the events of that night, and I asked him if he’d be cool with letting them name a seeing eye Dog after Remco.  He agreed.  Here you go:




That is all.

“Thirty Seconds Out”

art+This is a photo of me holding a piece of Art I just received from my buddy “Evan” out of www.thirtysecondsout.com”

Evan (pronounced Eeeevan) was a part of the crew of guys who were part of, but not with the group of Americans who were killed on Extortion 17 in August of 2011.

The last transmission from Extortion 17 was “thirty seconds out.”

Evan painted this from a grainy photo of Spike and me and “Meatball” coming home from work one morning.

This Art serves to remind me that I’m here (as is Evan) because Driven, Aggressive Dogs saved our asses.

I will do my best to help the ones I can.

Donate if you can. $5.00 is $ I can spend on a Dog who needs it.

Check Out Evan’s other stuff.


Good Story

I am going to let Officer Huling describe his Working Dog “Trigger.”

“Trigger is a 7 y/o English Black Lab. He was the only “other” dog at Tarheel K9, a kennel of 45 Belgian Malinois so he’s off the hook. I picked him over a Malinois because of two reasons, 1- they were considering putting him down because he had been at the kennel over a year and 2- they said I was too green for a dog like that so I took that as a challenge. I picked him up Jan 4, 2010.
Trigger excelled in training making me look like a champ. He is a narc detector trained for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth and E. Certified by VPWDA. He is assigned to the Organized Crime Task Force.
Our first day on the street he alerted to a kilo of cocaine hidden in a spare tire. I was scared to call it at first but Trigger seemed so sure so I went with it. It’s been smooth sailing ever since, if he says it’s there then it’s there.
As of Feb 15, 2015: We have conducted 6395 sniffs.
Trigger alerted to the presence of narc odor 603 times. Those alerts produced 553,855g of marijuana, 3045g cocaine, 559g heroin, 1144 E pills, 1205g meth and seized $2,266,268 in cash. Trigger is responsible for establishing probable cause for 39 residential search warrants with a grand total of 417 people arrest.”IMG_7629

I’m glad we could help this crew out. Thank you for your generosity. Lets get some more stories.


K9 Jynx

Your generosity helped us take care of K9 “Jynx” and his Pilot, Officer Crisp from Stroud,Oklahoma.
Jynx needed some medical work and top notch harness. This is so awesome. Thank you for your donations.





Apache and Officer Strand


One of the K9 Teams that your generosity has helped. Thank you-

I’ll let Officer Strand speak for he and Apache:

“First I would like to thank you for assisting our Department with the equipment that we needed. Apache is our K9 with the Asher Police Department in Oklahoma. Apache just turned 7 and is still hard at it. Apache started training here in Shawnee Oklahoma with trainer/Handler Wolfgang Hinker. From here Apache was purchased by the Scottsbluff County Sheriff’s Office in Nebraska. Nebraska worked with Apache until he was 6 and then they donated him to Asher Police Department. Apache is a great dog who helps service multiple agencies in our area. Apache is a dual purpose dog so we use him for Narcotics, Tracking, and apprehension. In Apache’s off time he just wants to play and sleep most of the time. Apache enjoys going to the local dog park and running around while we play catch. Most of all Apache loves children. He will let kids hop on his back and ride around for a little while. I know that I really appreciate your help and so does our community.”

“The only thing necessary for EVIL to triumph in the world is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmond Burke



Yesterday I took “Mina” the Spike’s K9 Fund “Model” and we went to help out with a class on Dogs. We were able to interact with some children ages 6-9. Mina was a star of course. We watched a really good video that shows children how to properly greet a Dog. I am very surprised at how many people approach Dogs incorrectly. Here is the video if you care to watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6_WEYQs2XE&feature=youtu.be

After we all watched the video we tried the lesson on Mina. She responded nicely. The young lady who’d volunteered was exceptionally attentive during the video and did the prescribed actions as briefed.

After this we asked Mina to do some tricks and some jumping and then the lovely assistant I brought with me put on the bite sleeve so the kids could see a Dog do that type of work.

It was a really fun day for Mina and I. We were really happy to be able to show kids the right way to deal with Dogs. It was so cool to be invited.

Thank You Ms. Borum


K9 Chico


Meet K9 “Chico,” the latest K9 your donations have helped. He and his Pilot Officer JT Raney of the DHS in Indiana are recipients of some training equipment and a K9 Storm Harness. It is amazing to me how much personal money these Officers spend on their Dogs and the equipment needed to keep them serving their communities in an effective manner. Your donations make a difference. Obviously K9 “Chico” is a bit tired after a full day but he will not be releasing his ball!

Thanks People. I am humbled and grateful.