New members of the Spike’s K9 Fund Team!

I want to officially welcome two new members to the Spike’s K9 Fund team.

Chloë Akers and Evan Nolte-Cross are both fresh off of their first few months of evaluation and both are serious assets to the Spike’s K9 Fund Team.

Evan is a newly retired Special Operations K9 Medic. He has taught several of our “Spike’s School” courses and he brings a large amount of personal experience and a dynamic manner of teaching to our crew. We will use Evan primarily as an instructor and our schools’ coordinator, he will also help out with social media and spreading some of the good emergency medical treatment information that he has acquired over his time in the US Army and on his multiple combat deployments with the Special Operations community. We know that there is a huge need for medical proficiency in the K9 community. Evan will help our team try to fill that need. We are very fortunate to have a man of Evan’s caliber joining our team.

Chloë is our executive assistant and social media content asset. Her hard work and creativity are keys to our growing mission and we look forward to her broadening our media quality and content with her creativity and excellent writing skills. She is Emily’s right hand and will learn all of the various facets of executing our mission so that we can have some redundancy within our crew. Chloë is a talented young woman and we are grateful to have her.

I want to thank our supporters for helping us to grow to a point where we can bring on new team-members to help us reach more K9’s in need.

Now, get back to work!