Honolulu Happy

I’m waiting in the airport, to board my plane back to the mainland and I am reflecting on the amazing trip we just had. Because of our donors, we were able to size 2 Honolulu PD K9’s for their K9 Storm custom fit ballistic vests, and we also helped build a K9 agility course for them. The trip was very good for many reasons, but the thing that most impacted me was the professionalism and camaraderie I witnessed while working with them. The whole group of SSD officers were in great shape. They had actually come in early, on a Saturday, before their build, and worked out. Their Dogs were awesome and healthy, and for a bunch of Dutchies and Mals, they were wonderfully calm. The handlers and the other SSD team-members were all super-positive and very kind. The “Aloha” spirit is no joke. Their collective mindset and calm demeanor is contagious. They talked the same to each other as they did to us and the media and the guests who came to take part in the community event. I’m not sure I have the words to describe the impact that this trip has had on me but I know that it has been significant and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity, through Spike’s K9 Fund and our donors generosity, to be a tiny part of making their lives, and the lives of their K9’s, a bit better. I would recommend that any LEO group who needs an example on how to run their organization, take a visit to the Honolulu PD and especially the SSD team, to witness a great example of a professional police force.