The Wolf

In 1994, the movie “Pulp Fiction” was released and became a classic. There was a very cool character in that movie, played by Harvey Keitel, called “The Wolf.”

Essentially, The Wolf was the guy you went to when you had a serious issue that needed to get solved. We have one of those here at Spike’s K9 Fund. His name is Jason Lewis and he is the chairman of our board. He does many things for us and has been a supporter since our conception. Presently we are in Ohio working with the Center for Forensic Training and Education, helping out several SAR K9 Teams from across the country. Jason (The Wolf) created this relationship and he has helped us open a door to a significant part of the working K9 family. These K9 teams are largely self-funded and they work very hard to provide a resource to the nation. Being able to find a lost person, be they live or deceased, is a difficult job and because they are largely self supported, it is important to connect them with our amazing supporters.

In addition to Jason’s resourcefulness and insight, he is a great father and husband, two things that never get enough recognition.

Jason is a great American and a huge asset to all who find themselves in his sphere of influence.

Ok, now I’m finished kissing his butt!

In all seriousness, we NEED people like this helping us execute our mission. We need more Jason’s to reach all of the K9’s who need our support.

I hope you have a great week and that as you go about your days, remember that there are people and Dogs working very hard to protect you, your family, your community and your nation.