Again, Gratitude.

I must express my gratitude to our supporters.
Yesterday, Emily, the intrepid Director of Operations, cc’d me on an order for five heat alarm systems from Ace K9 for K9 teams in several states.
That order represents several thousand dollars or many donations from many people. The K9’s that receive the heat alarm system now have a different kind of armor, armor against the #1 killer of Police K9’s: Heat.
Mechanical failure of a Police Vehicle is not uncommon, and a K9 can perish in a few minutes in a hot car.

When we started Spike’s K9 Fund, I had no idea what the real needs were, but when I talked to people in the know, I was shocked at the number of dogs killed by heat. Because of you, our supporters, we can help K9’s with these essential heat alarm systems and other items, like ballistic protection or GPS trackers, or medical cost assistance. Now, we are helping to educate handlers in emergency medical care and further beneficial training for their K9’s as well.

So THANK YOU to our supporters and Thank you to the K9’s out there doing work to protect our communities and us.

Happy Friday-

Spike and me and a few others. 2005 Iraq-