Group effort-

A few days ago, a K9 that our supporters have helped, K9 Arlo, was shot while doing his job.

The amount of support from citizens and Veterinarians, specifically the Newaukum Valley Veterinary Services organization, who donated all of the time and work for Arlo’s initial care, and various departments in both Washington and Oregon, has been amazing.

What it shows me is that inspite of all the craziness going on in our nation right now; as citizens, we will keep forging ahead and doing what we can to “form a more perfect union.”

K9 Arlo is a soul who went out into harms way to protect his community because he is part of a group of citizens who’ve made that their vocation. The difference is that K9 Arlo isn’t a volunteer like his human team-mates. I am grateful to everyone who has gone out of their way to support him and K9’s like him. In my opinion, it is our duty to give them everything they need to be safe and effective in this job we’ve given them: protecting humans.

Arlo, though not by choice, has also given us a window into that community. There are kind and very generous souls in the community and Arlo has introduced us to them and by so doing- has shown us some light in this tough time.