Ph.D. Puppy

This is a photo of my puppy Gianni. What a blessing he is; during this madness, this election insanity, and all of the other loud confusing chunks of life that we are all faced with during this period of American history, he and his simple puppy needs are a refocusing for my psyche. See Gianni is concerned primarily with life in the present moment, and when I try to copy his simple approach, I am much more likely to have a good day.

I’ll finish this overly-simple blogpost with a poem by Lorca-

Saying Goodbye”

“I’ll be saying goodbye and the crossroads, heading off down that road through my soul.

I’ll arouse reminiscences, stir-up mean hours, I’ll arrive at the garden spot in my song, my bright song, and I’ll start into shiver and shake like the Morning- Star.”

Here’s to the road through our soul-

Gianni travels that road quite well, and he is a 13 week old puppy.

A morning-star.