A supporter and an example

For several years now, Spike’s K9 Fund has been the premier charity benefactor for the Old Point, Wicked 10K and Monster Mile run in Virginia Beach, held every Halloween weekend. This year was no different, except for the covid-calamity.

We met and ran the “Monster-Mile” early on Friday morning. The “we” being; Jerry and Amy Frostick, and Ryan Conrad from J&A Racing, and Dr. Alan Thompson, a veterinarian, and member of our Board of Directors. Oh yeah, Mina-the-Machina joined us as well.

We are quite fortunate to have partnerships with organizations that we admire. J&A racing is certainly one of those relationships. It is difficult to understand the huge undertaking one has to confront when you hold a running race, let alone several running races during the year. In our short conversations with them, I’ve learned how tough it is, even for a business that brings well over 30k visitors a year to the area, to get things done.

J&A are an excellent example of how to be persistent and positive in spite of insane regulations and people who are less than enthusiastic about helping out. We run into similar situations when we try to help certain organizations. The way J&A perseveres, every year, is an amazing example.

I think that the most important thing that we gain from our relationship with J&A is an “attitude check.” They always strive for a positive attitude and because of that, being around them gives us a jolt of light! I for one could use some work in that area.

I am also very proud to be associated with a crew like J&A. A crew that understands, and believes in the value of “community.” They understand that bringing humans together in a positive way, sends positive ripples and creates a better world to live in. I’m not being overly dramatic. It is true, I see it every year when we participate in this event. People show up early, in their costumes and run and laugh and enjoy each other’s company for several hours. The support and entertainment associated with the event are top-notch and although we didn’t have any of that because of covid, we, because of their hard work, could still participate with close loved ones or friends, as we did on Friday morning.

Thank you J&A- thank you for the financial support and more importantly, thank you for your example, especially as we navigate this tough time in our country.