Amazing creatures

This is K9 Blaze. He is a Dog that works for a trainer named Evan, who works for Crystal Clear Canine.

Blaze- AKA Paul Bunyan

Blaze is a beautiful K9 who has had some excellent training and conducts himself like a pro!

I share Blaze’s photo because I feel strongly that we need to open our minds a bit to who these amazing creatures really are. Some of us like to see bite-work, some of us enjoy watching a K9 track down a missing child, some of us look in awe as a dog settles down a panicking patient at a hospital. Dogs work in so many disciplines that share one thing: They work for humans.

These Dogs are a gift to us. We want to advocate for them and insure that they have what they need to live a safe and happy life.

Blaze, the K9 model that he is, wants you to know that he might be pretty, but he could still give you one heck of a “tooth-hug” if he were asked.

Have a great week!