The Women of Spike’s K9 Fund

Today is “Women’s Equality Day,” and I’m quite keen to talk about the women here at Spike’s K9 Fund.  Before I do, I’d like to write, for the record, that I believe genuine women’s equality is still a goal, and I look forward to being a part of attaining it.

Presently we have four women who are employed by Spike’s K9 Fund. In 2015 one of our incredible volunteers became the “Director of Operations.” Emily Grey knew very little about the non-profit world (joined an elite club) but was not in the least bit shy of hard work.  Emily has provided the heart and soul and brains of our collective trajectory; she leans into the difficult tasks, and she keeps things pointed towards getting better every day.

Paige Widener recently joined us as our Marketing and Social Media Director. WOW!  Paige has a distinct poise and strength of character.  She has, in a short time, transformed the way our social media works. We are increasing our social media balance sheet while pointing our ad efforts in the best direction.  We are now in a time when most social interactions occur in the digital realm, and Paige is the right woman for the job.

Annemarie Weaver is our Communications Asset.  Funny, because Annemarie is very quiet, and when she does speak, she gets to the point without any wasted words. In my mind, Annemarie is the perfect comms director. Annemarie is also a full-time Police K9 Officer, and she does amazing things for her community in that capacity as well.

Monika Krasniqi is our intern and a classmate of mine at Yale.  She made quite an impact on me when I first met her. She is very similar to Annemarie because she doesn’t speak much, but when she does, you ought to listen. She is an incredible asset to our crew.  She has become our “go-to” voice-over and video specialist.  She created the map you now see on our website, she has written copy for us and I believe, in the not-to-distant future, Monika will be doing great things for our community.

Every day, we execute our mission because of the talented and driven women who collectively push us forward. I’m grateful for the strength and insight that the women involved with Spike’s K9 Fund provide.