National Non-Profit Day

Today is pretty special. I want to thank all of the various organizations that we have worked with on this National Non-Profit Day.

We have learned how to effectively operate in the not for profit world because of solid advice and guidance. First off, the people who run the Queen Elizabeth Garden Foundation were instrumental in getting me on the right track mentally. Additionally, our friends at the Seena Magowitz Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer have helped us to understand fundraising and organization on a very high level. Some other not for profit organizations have stepped up to help us on our mission. Most notably, the Tomahawk Charitable Solutions team has raised significant $ for us and other veteran’s needs organizations. Additionally, we have worked, hand in hand with Jeff Anderson and his organization: “Rebuilding Warriors” to help vets and first responders who need a service animal.

We work alongside several other charitable organizations that want to help K9’s. First off I’d like to mention the “Throw Away Dogs Project” who find

K9 “Hansel” saved by the folks from Throw Away Dogs.

Dogs in shelters or other less than optimal situations and help train them to serve their community. They are a pretty amazing group. We also work closely with a group called “Protection for Paws” and together we do our best to help the working K9’s who need help with heat-alarm systems.

It is worth mentioning that being part of a non-profit means that you learn how amazing people are. Two things you can’t be if you run a non-profit:

1- A pessimist, because you see the generosity of people every single day. You see people volunteer to take care of their community with their wallets or their hard work, and

2- A socialist.

We get emails and messages fairly regularly from people in other countries, asking us if we can assist their working K9 population because they don’t have any organization like ours where they live. We couldn’t exist in a socialist nation.

We are proud to have worked with these organizations. We are proud and grateful that we live in a nation where we can raise $ and operate in the margins, where the government can’t, to help the Military, Civil, and Police K9’s who serve our nation and it’s communities.

Happy National Non-Profit Day!