Still out there.

Today it seems as if we Americans are awash in many domestic cultural changes and challenges. The American experiment is always evolving, and we have much on our plate right now. This blogpost is just a small request. Please remember the Americans and their K9’s who are deployed all over the world; those folks who are selflessly living in rough spots to secure the freedom we have to figure things out as a nation. We don’t hear or read much about them right now because of the election madness and the covid issues.
Take a look at this pic of a Special Operations team deployed to a conflict zone.

a “Hostile” work environment.

Imagine for a minute what they do and feel daily. I’m guessing if you do, it will take some of the harshnesses of how you view your troubles right now.

I’m grateful for those human and K9 Americans, here at home and deployed, that put their country and community ahead of individual needs and desires. They are the reason we will remain a great nation, in spite of our warts and cultural convulsions.