The Hard and much-needed Dogs.

For centuries of human history, working Dogs have helped protect us maintain our livestock, guard our property, hunt sustenance, or fight in our crazy battles.
As a human whose life has been saved by canines on multiple occasions, I can tell you that they are value-added in almost any situation where there is a risk of violence. The night I was wounded, 11 years ago, a Belgian Malinois named “Remco” found two enemy combatants lying in a ditch waiting to ambush us. His ability to smell the humans and his quickness saved all of us. He died while protecting us. He took two Ak-47 rounds to his head from about 6 inches.
K9’s trained to find humans are a special breed, and they deserve recognition for their contribution to our local and national security. This business of war and violence was my vocation for over 20 years, and I’d need more fingers and toes to count the lives I’ve personally seen saved by the work of our canines.
For any number of reasons, one may disagree with dogs being used to find and apprehend humans, and I understand those disagreements. But we need these type of dogs despite the ugliness attached to this type of work. We do not live in a perfect stratosphere, far away from the ugliness of this world. K9’s trained to hunt humans also get asked to locate children or senior citizens who get lost in the woods. These K9’s also help law enforcement professionals find and apprehend dangerous criminals in our communities.
In combat zones, where, fortunately, it is an “away game” for our forces, the combat dogs help to level the playing field to capture or kill enemy combatants while saving the lives of our troops. When these military and police canines finish with their jobs, they will, because of the harsh realities of violent conflict, need medical assistance for the injuries and damage that they have suffered working for their human counterparts. Our mission is to care for these dogs during and AFTER their work on our behalf. We do that by providing the best k9 protective equipment and providing financial assistance with the medical costs that these K9’s incur.
Some K9’s do rough work for our communities. These Dogs deserve our care and devotion. Spike’s K9 Fund, because of our supporters, does just that.