Harsh Reality

Over the last few days we’ve had a few members of our “Spike’s Pack” move on to new realities. One of the K9’s helped by our supporters, passed away suddenly a few days ago. One military K9 was switched to a new handler. These are extremely difficult times for the humans involved. The K9’s become part of our families and in the case of the LEO or Military K9’s when they move along, that human loses a soul that most likely saved their life on one or multiple occasions.

This kind of loss is especially difficult and one that I am familiar with. The connections we make with dogs are woven into our characters and when they go, for whatever reason, they leave an empty space that cannot be filled by anything but time.

For my friends in this Dog world, I can only say that I feel like those of us who get the opportunity to share our lives with those amazing souls; souls wrapped in fur and beauty, are quite fortunate. Those relationships are special and that is why the loss is so very painful.

My advice; let the sting of loss sit in your heart and know how lucky you are to have made that type of connection with a Dog. Your life is better because of that connection and you are a better human because of it.

Some say we don’t deserve Dogs.

Some might be right.

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle” -St. Francis of Assisi