Tracy & Kathie

A couple of years before I started Spike’s K9 Fund, I was headed out to Arizona to do some contract work for the military. I was still struggling to move well, and I had a considerable amount of equipment with me. I flew into Tucson International, grabbed a cart for all of my bags, and had Mina, my service Dog, on a leash with me. We made our way to the rental car counter, and the woman who helped us told me to “wait right here,” and as Mina and I stood there, she went out to the parking lot and grabbed our rental vehicle for us. When she exited the vehicle, she immediately went to the back and started lifting heavy luggage and putting it in the car. I was amazed at the courtesy this woman showed us, and I noted her name so I could write an email to the rental car company. It turns out, one “Kathie Morley” was the manager of that particular branch, and she tracked me down based on my email address and thanked me for the kind words I shared about her and her office. We became quick friends and stayed in touch. We even went skydiving together. After Spike’s K9 Fund started, Kathie became one of our biggest supporters, also showing up at an event in Ohio! Kathie is the lovely woman on your right in the above photo.

In 2014 when I first started Spike’s K9 Fund, a woman named Tracy Reardon from Austin Texas reached out and said she was a maker of “bullet jewelry” and mentioned that she’d like to donate some to our cause! I was shocked that a person in Texas had heard about us and wanted to support us, especially a talented jewelry artist! It turns out, that artist has been with us and donating her beautiful work every time we have a significant event. She has helped us raise quite a bit of $ over the years, and last year we were able to meet her at our “Spike’s Soiree” here in Virginia Beach. It was amazing. Tracy is on your left as you look at the above photo.
These two women became friends on Facebook at some point, and recently, Kathie went to Austin, Texas, where she and Tracy connected in person and took this photo.

One of the things I’ve learned in my time here on the blue dot is that good relationships are one of the most valuable things one can possess, and seeing this relationship from afar, a bond forged through the support of our cause, makes me quite happy.

Thank you Tracy and Kathie, for sharing this great photo and helping to show us how working towards a good cause can create lasting and valuable relationships. 🙏🏼