My view

Hello Spike’s supporters. This is a difficult and complex time in our nation. The death of Mr. Floyd was a horrendous crime and it should have never happened and it should never happen again.

Our collective national emotions are running high, for very good reasons.

As you all know, we support working K9’s and many of those K9’s work with our law enforcement teams. We like to advertise that we have helped K9’s in 46 of the 50 states, and for that, we are proud.

I want to share my personal view of the law enforcement teams I know, and I know more than a few. We have an active Police Officer who works part-time for Spike’s. We hear feedback from Officers from all over when they thank us for the help our supporters have given their K9’s, or when come to one of my speeches.
The cops I know are not criminals. They are not racists. They are not fascists. I know that most law enforcement officers are the kind of people that would listen to you yell “Fuck the Police” in their faces and then help you when you needed it despite their personal feelings. They are professionals, and they care about their communities.

As a 53-year-old white guy, I cannot comprehend racism in the same way as a person who has suffered it, especially when it is systemic. I abhore the idea that there are people who do not believe “all men are created equal” and I hope these convulsions we are presently experiencing, create the environment to correct those wrongs.

What I can understand, and this is from experience, is that there are bad, violent people who wait for the opportunity to rob or hurt innocent people, and the Police are the ones standing between them and you

The Police that we support signed up to do that difficult work because they wanted to help people.

If any of you law enforcement professionals need help with your Dog, we are here. If you need help working through a tough time, I am available. I have a graduate degree in being a psych patient and if nothing else, I can tell you stories about the poor choices I made, and they will surely help you to laugh.

Spike’s K9 Fund is proud to support our professional law enforcement units.
We are grateful for their willingness to “stand in the breach” for us.