Summer Intern “Monika”

When I started at college as a 52 year old last fall, I was scared to death. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for the 18-year-olds with me. One of them stood out immediately to me. Her name is Monika (pronounced MoNIKa) and she is pretty keen on her name being pronounced correctly! Monika was very helpful to me personally, she helped with notes and when it came time for finals she organized and led a group study for one of our classes. In short, using my vernacular, Monika is an “asset.”

Because we have some generous donors, we are in a position to hire a Summer Intern and I asked Monika if she would be interested. She has already helped out with some non-profit organizations in New Haven and I know her work ethic in unquestionable, so when she responded that she’d like to be a part of our crew, I was quite happy.

One of the things I love most about Monika is that her story is an American story. I am a very patriotic guy and when I hear stories like hers, it makes me feel good about our nation. Her Father hails from Kosovo and her Mother from Poland. They both immigrated to the US and work pretty hard in their community of Brooklyn, NY. She has two siblings, one just graduating college and another in high school. Monika is very soft spoken and chooses her words very careful. Something I admire. She also does not, and I’m very serious here, suffer fools.

For that reason, she will be working most closely with Emily, Annemarie, and Paige!

I want to thank Monika and her family for showing us the American dream and contributing to our nation, and for Monika, especially, for being a great example to me and for being part of our “pack” this Summer.

Yale 2023!