Dynamic Dave~

This week I am keen to point out the “grey man.” The guy who does so much work behind the scenes, that it is difficult to translate to you how much he does.

Dave (in the middle) after jumping for his birthday

Dave Villaflor has been a volunteer since the beginning of Spike’s K9 Fund and has since become a part-time paid employee. It is unfair to call his contribution “part-time” because he is responsible for much. He helped set up and run our online store. He helps with the web-page. He keeps track of all of the items in our store. He ensures that the shipping is taken care of, and he addresses any problems that our supporters might have with things they’ve ordered from us.

Additionally, he has to navigate my insanity! In short, Dave just flat gets sh*t done, and never asks for any accolades. He is one of the big reasons we are as successful as we’ve been.

Thanks Dave. I am very grateful for you and your commitment to Spike’s K9 Fund.