Tough People (and Dogs) for tough times.

This pandemic is an opportunity to see how the people around you react to stress. I’m around some pretty amazing folks and one of them is our “Communications Asset” who also works full time as a K9 Officer.

Her name is Annemarie. She is dedicated to her family, her Dogs, her work as a Police Officer and, fortunately for us, her work with Spike’s K9 Fund.

I admire her and those like her, who make a very significant commitment to our community.

Annemarie and her partner, K9 Argo

The times are tough for many people. Crime has increased. People need help. Annemarie and those who wear the badge, step up for all of us and I want her and them, to know that we appreciate their dedication and work on our behalf.

As you go to sleep tonight, say a little prayer (or if you don’t pray, send kind thoughts) for those out there who are working to keep our communities and thus, all of us, safe.