Thankful for the Dogs

I’m home enjoying the time I have to do my schoolwork and play with my dogs. Mina, my faithful companion at school is still by my side as are her sisters, Lola and Pearl. Here are some photos-


I’m a dog person and I know most of you who support us are as well. It is pretty amazing to see how many people are out walking their dogs in the morning and I am guessing that they (your dogs) are helping you like mine are helping me while we live this different type of lifestyle.

There are many difficulties right now, so I will keep this short; I merely want to say hello, we are here continuing our mission supporting the K9’s and their human handlers and communities through this challenging period. We know that the K9’s we support are part of the group who don’t have a “stay at home” requirement. They are out there doing tough things and for that, we are grateful.

Please check out our fundraising workout that is coming up and please ensure you are taking good care of yourselves and your people. We need to take care of each other ALL of the time, but during difficult times like this, it is especially important.

If you see a first-responder out doing their business, give them a wave and let them know you are grateful. If they have a K9, please let them know about Spike’s K9 Fund.

Be well-