Today I returned from New Haven CT. where I moved out of my apartment because all of the classes at Yale are now being done online. I was pretty sad about the whole thing initially and then I remembered from my time in the military that I really have so little control over the things that go on around me. In fact, the only thing I can control is how I react to those things. I am very enthusiastic to be back in class with my fellow students and to discuss the great books together. It will be different online, but it will still be great to see them and my professors and we will all do our best to make it work. I need to concentrate on being an asset to those around me. If I can keep that focus, things will be good.

It is the same thing with Spike’s K9 Fund. We have some big plans for the upcoming months and we will have to sort them out and do our best to coordinate those events with everyone’s safety in mind. It is frustrating because we know so little about how things will go and we have to plan for the worst-case in order to protect those among us who are most susceptible to the nastiness of covid-19. Here is a link that was sent to me by the smart people at Yale regarding the virus. There are some very good links on that page.

We have received quite a few donations to help the working Dogs and we are amazed and grateful at how generous people have been during this time of uncertainty. I will be doing a few videos here and there and if you have any questions you’d like me to answer or details you’d like me to address regarding Spike’s K9 Fund, send us a message and I will try to answer them for you. Send an email here:

Mostly, I wish you and your families and loved ones, health and peace during this tough time of uncertainty. I know from experience in gunfights and many periods of uncertainty in combat, that the team who cares for one another and keeps their focus when things are difficult, is almost always successful. We consider you our “Spike’s Pack” and we are grateful for you and want the best for you and yours.

Be well, be kind, and be an asset.