The Women

Today is International Women’s Day. At Spike’s K9 Fund, the women dominate. We have three women who collectively do the lions share of the work to keep us running. Here is a recent (unauthorized, I’ll pay later) photo from one of our weekly meetings.

Emily, the Director of Operations (center), keeps the wheels on the bus. Annemarie (your right) a full-time Police K9 Officer, works part-time as our communications asset. Paige Widener (your left) is our exceptional social media pro. We have two women on our Board; Cathy Duncan and Kim Wheeler, and have both been with us from the beginning. Their poise and professionalism have helped guide our organization to the place we are today.

At Yale, where I am a freshman, I’m taught by women and I go to classes where the women outnumber the men. After spending time in many parts of the world where women are not allowed or encouraged to go to school, it warms my heart to see those classes.

Finally, we have quite a few women volunteers who passionately help us execute our mission in advocating for the K9’s. They help us in raising $, fitting K9’s for protective equipment, talking to members of their community and helping us build K9 obstacle courses. Without those passionate women, we could not operate.

The more that women influence our world, the better it will get.

Happy “International Women’s Day”