Serious “Ask”

One of the struggles we have here at Spike’s K9 Fund is trying to convince Law Enforcement Agencies to protect their K9’s. We have advertised a fair amount on Social Media. We have cold-called various agencies in the US and it really comes down to getting in touch with the “right person” at a department. We don’t have the manpower or the budget to visit every department that uses K9’s to support their work in the communities that they serve. I am asking our followers to help us by contacting their local law enforcement agencies and that hasn’t gone particularly well because when people make contact with someone from the department, they are smiled at and head nodded and then never contacted. We have tried to understand the present culture we are in, where law enforcement units are plastered with negative press and are therefore suspect of any type of outreach because they are worried about the “liability” for the department. When I say liability, I mean the type of public opinion liability that they experience on a daily basis. We at Spike’s K9 Fund can’t really help with any public relations issues, we are here to advocate for and protect the K9’s who serve our communities.

We are familiar with all of the bureaucratic hoops that we occasionally have to “jump through” to satisfy municipal administrators and we get that there are “procedures in place” for accepting donations to a Police Department, but there has to be a way to streamline the process.

If any of you read this and happen to be a senior law enforcement officer or public official, could you please send us an email at and give us a few tips? We really need to crack the code on this.

We are serious about protecting EVERY K9 that serves our nation in every community where they are used.

We need some help figuring out a better way to navigate the cumbersome and often problematic system that stands in the way of doing the right thing for these K9’s that we ask so much of.

Thank you in advance.