MWD Misa

We have to be relentless. The Dogs we advocate for and protect, they are relentless. It is important for us to attempt to match their incredible K9 drive with human hard work and never-ending commitment. The Working Dogs who protect our communities and our nation don’t have a “union” or “OSHA” or any “Lobbyists” to represent them. It’s up to us, and other organizations like ours, to do our best to protect and care for these amazing Dogs.

There are roughly 25,000 working K9’s in the US and the US military. We’ve helped a small percentage of them and we need your help to get to the rest. Please share our website and Facebook page. Please familiarize yourself with our three campaigns. Please talk to your local law enforcement and let them know we are here and we can help provide their K9’s with ballistic protection and heat alarms and if needed, we can assist with medical expenses.

We need your help to accomplish this mission of ours. Please reach out to us if you need some help starting a fundraiser or if you need printed materials to distribute at your place of business or in your community.

Our email address is:

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