Repeat Assists

if you look at our social media accounts today, you will be re-introduced to K9 Gabe. Gabe is a search and rescue Dog in Texas, and he is a great example of what we call a “repeat customer.” Our supporters helped Gabe with some equipment, and now, again because of our supporters, we are helping him cover some significant medical issues.

Here is a photo of Gabe:

a screen-shot from my personal twitter account

It is always exciting for us to share the numbers of the K9’s we’ve helped, but that number doesn’t really tell the WHOLE story. Many of the Dogs that have been helped by our supporters have been helped more than once by their generosity.

Please keep this in mind when you reflect on the specific numbers of K9’s that your generosity has helped.

We are extremely proud of our accomplishment of helping over 1016 K9’s, and some of those more than once. We know that we can do this only because of your generosity and the love you share for these amazing animals who do so much for us by helping to protect our nation and the communities in it.

As a conclusion, I’m going to type in the “ASK” again. We need your help in several ways:

1-pass the word and share our mission and story

2-donate to one of our campaigns

3-purchase a table or tickets to our big formal NYC Fundraiser which will take place on 17 May 2020 at the World Trade Center in Manhattan.

Thanks and have a great week.