Politics, partisanship, and Dogs

I hope the title hooked you. I hope you were ready to read this and see if this post fits into whatever version of America you feel like best represents your political beliefs.

Sorry to disappoint, this has nothing to do and everything to do with politics.

Regardless of what happens in the impeachment hearing in the US Senate, or the primaries in Iowa, there are still working Dogs out patrolling the communities of our nation in order to help keep us safe. Regardless of what your favorite news channel is telling you about your most detested or most liked political celebrity, working Dogs are out serving with the US Military in all of the places they are needed. Those Dogs don’t care what your or my political affiliation is, they care about their humans and their pack and their jobs.

It is Spike’s K9 Fund’s mission to help those Dogs in all of the things we ask of them. We are here to advocate for those working Dogs and we appreciate your help.

So while the airwaves and interwebs are pulsing with hot-buttered political froth for your ingestion, take a moment and think about the Dogs and people who are keeping the “wheels on the bus” of our nation.

They deserve our support and generosity. They aren’t democrats or republicans. They are Dogs and they are a gift to us and our communities.

Business time.