2020 Goal

After some deliberation, Emily, Annemarie, and Paige (I call them the “Furies” from my reading last semester) decided that we need to seriously up our game this year.

Thus, our official goal for 2020 is to help 500 K9’s.

This is a big jump, but we most certainly have it in us to make it happen. I feel confident because of the responses we receive on the regular from our “Spike’s Pack.”

Another reason I’m confident about our goal is this:

CWD Caras

This was one of the first Dogs we helped. His name was Caras and he was a DOD contract working dog (CWD) who served 9 straight years in Afghanistan. He went through several handlers who went home, but he stayed in Afghanistan and when he came home, he had a spinal injury and needed help. We were just getting started and didn’t have much in the way of funds, but we clawed and scratched and worked and we were able to help him. It taught me that having our hearts solidly invested in something is the only real way to be effective.

My life was saved by working Dogs. Many of my buddies were saved as well. Many first responders go home to their families at night because of these amazing animals. Many lost children and elderly humans survive being lost in the woods at night, in the cold, because a Dog found them.

We must protect and care for these Dogs. We want to be their advocate. Their voice. We want to be there during and after their working lives.

Please step up your game and help us reach our goal. We will need a lot of help. We will need people to share our mission on social media and talk to their local law enforcement folks and let them know we are out here for them.

We need help identifying the true search and rescue K9 teams out there that need assistance.

If you can make a small or large donation, that is how we accomplish our mission, so thanks in advance. Shop our store, put a sticker on your car, let people know what we have done and what we aim to do.

Every single Dog that goes to work in, and for our nation, needs to be outfitted for success, safety, and efficiency. They deserve medical care and kindness throughout their lives.

Help us help them.