Hello, Spike’s Pack.

I want to talk to you about hard work. It is how things get done. We have a small team here at Spike’s and they work hard. Nobody works harder than Emily. Emily is coming up on her fourth year at Spike’s work anniversary soon.

Let me throw out a couple of metrics here.

1- We have 2 full-time employees. Me and Emily.

2- We have 3 part-time employees. Annemarie, Dave, and Paige.

3- I am essentially useless at this point because of my work with the school, so the day to day details of the mission are solely in the hands of Emily.

4- Emily runs an organization that has helped close to 1000 K9’s and has raised over $3,000,000.00. She is in charge of the funds, the social media, the public relations, the budget, the store, donor relations, and all of the planning for future events. Including the 2020 Spike’s Soirée.

She does all of these things while having 3 Dogs, and a spouse in the military who has deployed a couple of times while she has been handling things for Spike’s. Emily’s husband will deploy again in the not distant future. She is an amazing human being who has a heart the size of West Virginia, where she hails from. She is the most positive and hardest working person I know. On top of taking care of Spike’s K9 Fund, she also volunteers at the Norfolk Animal Care Center.

If you have the chance, please send Emily some love. She works so hard and is so invested in the work, that I don’t think she stops to reflect on how much good she has done. She makes the people around her (especially me) better. She is tough and kind and extremely motivated.

I am grateful that she is responsible for the reins of this organization while I try to become better educated. Thank you so much, Emily.

Happy Spike’s anniversary “amazing Emily.”