Recently another hero K9 gave his life while serving his team and community. Here is a screenshot:

We ask these K9’s to do sometimes violent and very dangerous things so that the human officers can go home to their families and so we can live in safety. The Chief wrote, “I want you to know the community is safe.” K9’s help our first responders accomplish that often-taken-for-granted safety.

It is a serious reminder to me that there are consequences involved with this type of work and I want to remind all of you, the Spike’s Pack, that we are on a mission to give these amazing K9’s everything they need to succeed in the dangerous and consequential work we ask of them.

Occasionally we get a person who comments on social media telling us that “Dogs shouldn’t be involved in this type of work.” I appreciate that sentiment, and I may have similar personal feelings but that isn’t going to change the fact that they, these amazing working dogs, are presently actively involved in saving humans overseas and here at home.

It is important to understand that the K9’s don’t have a voice. They need an advocate. Spike’s Pack, that is where you come in. We can be their advocate. We have helped 977 K9’s to date and want to have helped 1000 by the end of the year, thirty days away.

How you can be an advocate:

1- Talk about the work these K9’s do and the way Spike’s K9 Fund wants to help them. Do it on social media and in your community.

2- Donate.

3- Learn about their work and what we ask of them. Educate yourself.

I genuinely believe that if more Americans knew what we ask of these incredible K9’s, they would want to be part of the advocacy. A little work or donation goes far in helping them.

Here is one web resource.

The google machine can help you find more.

Lastly, I want to share a photo of a recently returned working dog. Her name is “Misa” and you, our supporters, helped outfit her and her human before they left. She fought ISIS in northern Syria alongside Special Operations and their local partner forces. She found bombs and bit a few of those folks when they were trying to kill her team. She and all the members of her team came home to their families. Think about that.

Thank you for helping to take care of the Hero K9’s who take care of our human heroes.

Have a great week.