Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day 2019-

I think about the humans and Dogs who fought for our way of life.  I think about those I grew up reading about and those who I served with. 

I think about our American journey. Our collective effort to create a land of freedom and opportunity and I am forever grateful that I won the birth lottery, meaning I was born in the United States of America.  

Our collective existence is given to us by those who are willing to give their life for something meaningful, something important.

This image shows a human and his K9 as they get ready to head out into “no-mans-land” where they will be confronted with an array of deadly unknowns.

The courage of this volunteer and his loyal asset is admirable and something we cherish.

The question I ask myself on this day is “what am I personally doing to help brave souls like these?”

Thanks to you, Spike’s Pack family, I can answer that together, we are doing much to take care of those who write checks in blood. Those who so believe that we are fortunate to have the opportunities and freedoms provided by our republic, that they will lay down their lives for it.

So, on this Veterans Day, I say “thank you.”

Thank you to those who go into harm’s way for us. Thank you for those who went into harm’s way for us. And lastly, thank you to those who care for the veterans and their families.

Happy Veterans Day.