Spike’s Spirit

It’s been almost 5 years since Spike’s K9 Fund was founded.

It was founded when I saw a need and decided to follow Spike’s example. Spike was an incredibly smart dog. He was driven and he was a problem-solver.

Spike’s drive carried him through the difficulties of life. When things became hard, Spike showed his true nature. He was never satisfied. He always sought to be the most effective dog he could be.

I want the organization who bears his name to share his qualities.

Today we are about 90 days from the end of the year. We have an organizational goal to have helped 1000 K9’s by the end of the year. Presently we are at 910 K9’s helped. So essentially, we need to help 90 K9’s in 90 Days.

Spike was small. He weighed about 62 lbs. He packed a lot of punch with his 62 lbs. His presence on the battlefield was felt by many, despite his size. Spike’s K9 Fund is small. We have a small core team of employees and volunteers and we get things done. We rely heavily on the “Spike’s Pack” of supporters who always find a way to help us get to our goals.

That is the theme for this weeks post.

We NEED your help in reaching our goal this year.

We need to get the word out to the small law enforcement agencies in the rural parts of the country who may not have heard about us. We need you to share our mission. We have a large social media presence but we need to have those of you who follow us help us spread the word even more.

Because of the culture of criticism and condemnation, most police departments don’t even read emails or answer cold calls coming from organizations offering assistance. They are too jaded about things to trust that there is an organization like ours who asks only for a few photos of the dogs we help but donates protective equipment and medical care cost assistance to K9’s nationwide.

We need you, the Spike’s Pack, to reach out when you see an opportunity.

In order for us to stay at our fighting weight of 62 lbs, we need a big support crew to help us focus our work.

Please consider sharing this blogpost or our website or mentioning us to your local PD.

Please reach out to us if you want or need any help with materials to promote our efforts, or if you want to hold an informational or fundraising event.

Spike was a force multiplier. He made an impact.

By his example, so do we.