Yale commences!

This is a pic taken with some of the smart people I run into every day here at Yale University. Mina has been widely accepted here. Probably more so than the old guy with all the tattoos! 😂

Spike’s K9 Fund needs to grow and to do so, I need to grow. In my few short weeks here I have been treated extremely well and the course work is significant. At every turn there is someone, a faculty member, other students, friends here at Yale, who offers their help. Never in my life have I had so many people in the ring with me swinging away. It is amazing.

As the semester progresses I will get my feet under me and be able to reach out to the people up here in the Yale community to share our mission. While I’m doing that, I would ask a small favor, please, if you are a member of the #spikespack, post on social media and share a link to our website so that more people hear about us and spread the word.

We need to help more Dogs. Our goal for this year was to help 1000 K9’s. We are at about 910 right now. We need to help a bunch more!