K9 Rooster #1

In 2014 I was given the opportunity to work as a volunteer with the police department near my home. There was a K9 named “Rooster” and he needed some assistance because of a medical issue.

The municipality for which he worked did not seem to share his handlers opinion about the medical procedure the canine needed.

Rooster had served his community well and in my opinion, deserved every opportunity to have the best healthcare possible.

In all honesty, I was dealing with the tragedies I had been a part of with Dogs in various combat zones. I needed to do something to assuage the rough feelings that accompanied those experiences.

So I tried to figure out a way that I could help Rooster. I took a picture of myself and Spike, my first working dog to a friend who was adept at Photoshop. With him I created a logo, the same logo that we use today. I had a bunch of sweatshirts printed up with the logo on it and I advertised them on social media and told people the money I raised from the sweatshirt sales would be used to help Rooster.

Well it turns out I was onto something. I sold quite a few sweat-shirts and made enough money to pay for rooster to have a surgery and for his handler to cover the costs involved with their travel.

Sadly, Rooster recently passed away.  

Rooster was the very first dog helped by Spikes Canine Fund.

Fast forward five years. We have helped over 900 dogs in 44 states. I am grateful to Rooster and his handler and to those who supported our initial attempts to help a canine.

I am grateful to have found this mission where we see a need, the need to take the best care of these dogs who serve the human community. I am also grateful that we have supporters, the Spike’s Pack, that will help us in our attempt to meet that need.

So this blog post is my electronic memorial to K9 Rooster.

Thank you Rooster.  Thank you for serving the human community and thank you for helping me get started on this mission that has helped so many of your canine sisters and brothers.

In honor of Rooster, we are now going to be known as a “non-profit Impact Organization.”

He made an impact.  

The “Spike’s Pack,” meaning the tiny staff and board and core crew of volunteers, backed by our incredible supporters from all over the country, have and will continue to make an impact.  

Just like Rooster and his canine crew. Impact.