On July 9th 2009 a group of us went out on a mission to try to rescue an American who had, through his own choices, become a hostage to our enemies in Afghanistan.

The end result was a K9 with us named “Remco” and pictured here:

was killed after finding a couple of enemy soldiers hiding in a ditch.

He saved my and a few others lives.

So the best way to remember him a decade later is to give him credit and protect Dogs like him who protect humans with their lives.

So we’ve started a fundraiser “Remember Remco,” trying to raise $25000.00 to purchase 10 custom protective vests for K9’s who serve their community or nation.

Here is a link.

We need your help to meet this goal. Remco was a fearless member of our team and he perished saving his teammates lives.

10 years. It seems like just a few days ago. I remember watching him move in front of us. He was powerful and moved smoothly through that flat field on his way to death.

It may have been 10 years ago, but those images are forever etched on my memory. I will never forget seeing the muzzle flash from the AK-47 and watching Remco’s body jerk back from the force of the bullets hitting him. I remember screaming his name after I’d been shot and rendered worse than useless.

I remember his handler carrying his now limp body onto the medevac helicopter.

Remco was “just a Dog.” Just a teammate. Just a life saving force. Just a soul.

Help us remember him properly.

How about we “thank him for his service” with something more tangible than comments.

Donate please.