Essential Packmembers

Hello “Spike’s pack”

This Monday brings a few new items. We have some very good events coming up. Please check our FaceBook Page.

We are also almost to the halfway point in 2019. Our goal for 2019 was to have helped over 1000 K9’s. We are getting there, but we need your help. This is where the whole “Spike’s Pack” thing comes into play.

Today we have helped a total of 859 K9’s in 44 States.

How can you help?

1- Share our story, share it far and wide. We have helped K9’s in all but 6 states and we’ve been able to do that mostly because of people taking to each other about what we can do or have done for working K9’s.

2- Share our content on your social media sources

3- If you are a LEO, pass the word to others in your community as to what we provide.

4- Donate. It’s how we do business and our success is because of generous people who can make donations. Small or big, it all helps.

5- Be a good American! Help your fellow Americans. Don’t be a dick! Be kind to one another and help some Dogs while you are at it!

6- Lastly, check out our store and buy some stuff! Thank you!