Vests in help in many ways

We recently met with K9 Rex in Franklin County VA. We wanted to meet him because he was actually saved from some major injuries because of the custom fit K9 Storm ballistic vest provided by you, our supporters.

Rex was working alongside his partner and some US Marshals and located a suspect hiding in the attic, inside a trash bag. Rex is 11 years old and will retire soon, but in spite of his seniority, he apprehended the suspect with his teeth. After the suspect was being taken into custody by his human teammates Rex fell through a hole in the ceiling onto the floor below. The floor was covered in drywall screws and because Rex was wearing his vest, he was saved from serious injury.

It was great to see Rex and see that he was still kicking ass because of our generous supporters. From here on out I will refer to you as the “Spike’s Pack” because like a dog pack, we all watch out for each other and ensure that all are cared for.

It is very compelling to see our “Spike’s Pack” donations doing good things for the K9’s who work so hard for us.

Thanks 1000 times! Enjoy this video of K9 Rex. A recipient of your kindness and generosity!

With gratitude,


P.S. I was accepted to Yale as an undergrad! I’ll be a 52 year old college student!