Life and Death

If you don’t follow the Officer Down Memorial Page you should.

I do and it helps me remember that what we ask of our law enforcement agencies can be very expensive. It regularly costs members of that community their lives.

Our role at Spike’s K9 Fund is to help them. We help a K9 and the K9 helps their handler, who in turn helps his team and that team helps the department which in turn helps the community. The ripples are significant.

I want to ensure that as many people as possible who help us out or visit our social media spaces understand that we are not involved in a fluffy endeavor to help cute dogs. We are a part of a large crew that tries to protect the decency we need to thrive as a nation.

People and Dogs are regularly killed trying to make sure that the rest of us can go about our day in a safe manner. We at Spike’s K9 Fund, relish the opportunity to create a better situation for those K9’s and their departments and we are grateful to our supporters for investing in our mission and understanding the life and death nature of the work we support.

As you go about your week, please be grateful to those who have made it their life’s mission to ensure our decent way of existence.