Summer Heat

More K9’s are killed annually by heat than are killed by violence with potential suspects.

Often these deaths go unreported.

We at Spike’s K9 Fund, aim to stop this type of thing from happening and with your help we can do so.

With your donation to the K9 Piper Kit Campaign you can fund technology that allows K9’s to be saved in the event of an air conditioning or engine failure in a vehicle.

We work with a great company, Ace K9,

they have developed a great system to keep K9’s safe. It’s called the “Hot-n-Pop” system and it pops the doors of a vehicle if the interior temperature of that vehicle reaches a dangerous level.

Summer is coming. There are K9’s out there, all over the country, working on our behalf. We want to ensure that they are properly cared for.

Thank you for your support.