mission focus

Happy Monday! I hope your week is starting off well.

Since we started Spike’s K9 Fund, we have had some very good suggestions by many of our social media audience relating to the perceived obligations of the municipalities that employ K9’s for public safety. Essentially the discussion goes something like this; we post a photo of a K9 in need and then in the comments section, someone will write something along the lines of “If the city can’t pay for the K9’s care and equipment, then they shouldn’t use K9’s.”

While we may or may not agree with that sentiment, our mission is not to engage with city councils or other local, regional or national political organizations to help them re-focus tax dollars in their annual budgets.

If you, the comments section do-gooder, want to go to city council meetings and implore the elected officials to re-distribute tax revenue, we applaud your efforts. Unfortunately, what often happens is that people write things in a comments sections and feel like they’ve done their part.

While I appreciate the comments as it drives more exposure of our mission in the social media environment, it is frustrating that to some people comments = action.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most folks don’t take more that 10 seconds to view a video we post. I can see that statistic in the analytics on facebook. Your comments are not a substitute for action. They are fluff. They carry no weight.

I recommend trying to do something for the K9’s.

Our supporters have helped us help over 830 K9’s. They didn’t really do it with comments. They did it in a number of ways; donating, sharing our mission on social media, asking their local K9 teams what they may need, sending supplies to deployed K9’s etc.

So, if you want to comment I get it, but know that your comments about the obligations of cities, counties, states and our national K9 programs will fall on deaf ears.

Want to do something meaningful? Help us out. Share our mission, donate, send supplies to deployed K9’s.

Our MISSION is to care for all working K9’s. We appreciate your support.

Have a great week.