1st Annual Spike’s Soirée


This past weekend we had our first annual Spike’s Soirée event at the Cavalier Yacht and Country Club.

The dust has settled a bit and as I sit back and reflect, I am amazed and humbled.

This whole Spike’s K9 Fund thingy started back in 2014 with a sweatshirt and facebook.

Now we are having an annual event that raised over $200k.

The progress we’ve made is amazing and it is a true testament to the amazing people that we’ve met along the way. I am a high school drop-out. I have no experience in the business world. What I do have is an Emily. Our Director of Operations, Emily Grey is my true ace. She is a source of light and positivity and earnest hard work.

The Soirée was Emily’s idea. Some of her other ideas populate our online store. Her thoughtfulness and kind demeanor set the mood for how we interact with our supporters as well as our detractors.

Our donors are amazing. From the folks who write big checks to those who send us what they can afford on a fixed budget, we know that each and every donation is an INVESTMENT in our mission to care for these amazing animals that we employ to help us lead safer lives.

Our volunteers continue to give freely of their most precious resource, their time. We could not operate without them.

This whole effort is a huge collective of goodness and generosity.

I am the luckiest guy in the world.

Thank you.