Fur Courage

This past weekend we were part of a very cool event!

The Fur Courage event for the Crosshairs Foundation

We were invited to head up to Detroit and talk a bit about our mission and the way we started. It was a very compelling weekend. The folks from the Crosshairs Foundation pulled out all the stops. The speaking venue and event were tip top. It was an awesome opportunity to meet up with new people who share our interests in caring for K9’s and the other members of the Law Enforcement Community. We also participated in their bowling event. What a fabulous time. The public interest was significant. Local news stations at both events and the social media bump for our collectives causes was significant.

At then end of it, I am left with this feeling of positivity. We see an awful lot of conflict and hateful dialogue on the regular. The Fur Courage Event showed me that people all over the country are keen to take care of each other and their communities. So much so that they will take a couple of weekend days off to work hard to help others.

We are fortunate to be Americans and we are fortunate to have a community that inherently, in spite of the negativity we are surrounded by, wants goodness and proves it by working hard for those who risk much for our safety and comfort.

Joe Miller, you and your crew are incredible and we are grateful for your invite.

Thank you!

P.S. you really should take the time to watch this badass video