Hello folks!

Emily and Annemarie and Paige have chastised me for not writing the blog in a while! Who are they?

Well, Emily Grey is the Director of Operations and she keeps the wheels on the bus. Annemarie Weaver is our new communications asset and she pretty much backs Emily up on all her opinions. And Paige? Paige Widener is our social media pro. Paige lives out in AZ, and she completes the trifecta of smart, hardworking women that crush our workload. Every Monday we have a video meeting. The meetings are great, we go over the previous weeks #’s and we talk about our various strategies and then, the ladies abuse me for all of my poor habits and choices etc. It’s awesome. In all seriousness, I love them and am extremely grateful for their hard work.

It’s just me and Dave Villaflor in the ring with them. Dave is the fellow who runs our online store and helps us with technical things. Thank God for Dave. He’s good at his job, but he also helps me keep from getting beat down on the regular by the ladies.

I’ve just given you a tiny glimpse of the Spike’s K9 Fund “paid” employees.

There are only a few of us and we need your help!

Right now we have 66 K9’s on our waiting list for things. Things like ballistic vests or heat alarm systems. We need you to help us by donating or sharing our mission with your social media pals.

We’ve helped almost 800 K9’s in 44 states and its because of our supporters. Those who donate and those who pass the word.

Thank you!

Let’s get these 66 K9’s taken care of and continue our mission!

Have a great week!