Dynamic work

Spike’s K9 Fund is a very small organization. We have two full time employees, myself and Emily, the Director of Operations.  We have one part time employee, “Jillville” in Ohio.  We have a few people who help us out on a contractual basis.  But what makes the difference for us is really you.  Our supporters and among those supporters, the volunteers who do so many things.  Let me give you a good example.  In this week, we have sized 11 Dogs in 4 states.  It’s Wednesday night.  The only way we can do that type of dynamic work is with unbelievably driven and generous volunteers.  I can’t begin to tell you how amazing that is.  11 Dogs in 4 states in one week.  Our mission is important and when I see the work of our volunteers I know I’m in the right line of work.  The K9’s who serve this nation or one of our communities are asked to do things in a dynamic way.  They are asked to respond quickly with all their senses at any given moment.  It’s an amazing and dynamic type of work.  I feel like we use their example in the way we accomplish things.  We respond quickly.  We are committed like they are.  We are “soul soldiers” for them and for that I am grateful.  Anytime you can do something with the life you’ve been given, that comes from your soul, you can count yourself blessed.  So thank you to our supporters and volunteers.  Thank you from my soul.