Are we entertainment or are we a game-changer organization?

We spend a lot of time and $ on our social media networks.  We do it because we believe it is important to show our donors the good that their donations are doing and to encourage others to step up and help us with our mission.


Over the last several months, I think it (facebook/instagram) has actually become more of a source of entertainment than a tool to motivate people to donate to our mission.


With that in mind, I’d like to discuss the 3 “Campaigns” that make up our mission.


1- The K9 Krijger Ballistic Vest Campaign.

K9 Krijger was a heroic Norfolk Police Department K9 that was killed while apprehending a domestic violence suspect. We believe had he been wearing a ballistic vest, he’d have lived.  We’ve provided over 475 of these custom made vests for K9 Officers all over the country. All of these Vests are embroidered with K9 Krijger’s service # to keep his memory alive.  “K-148”


2- The Combat Dog Diesel medical assistance Campaign.


Combat Dog Diesel deployed to combat zones 8 times with special operations forces.  He was shot by the enemy on his 6th deployment and like many of his human counterparts, he rehabbed and re-deployed.  After he retired, he needed medial treatment that his adopted family could not afford.  Our donors enabled these treatments to happen.  He was able to live out his retirement in comfort.  We’ve done this for other military K9’s as well as many active and retired Police Department K9’s.


3- K9 Piper Kit Campaign.

Piper was an “Airport K9” who kept birds away from the airport, keeping airliners safe.  There are many working K9’s who play different roles in supporting their human communities.  Search and Rescue Dogs, Airport K9’s, Accelerant detection K9’s for arson investigators and the list goes on.  These K9’s are mostly funded by their handlers.  When they need equipment to make them safer and more effective, Spike’s K9 Fund steps up to help them.


We have long lists of K9’s waiting for help in each of these 3 campaigns.  We need your help spreading the word and raising $ to assist these K9’s.  We have over 144k followers on our facebook page.  If half of them donated $1.00 we’d be able to help all of the K9’s presently waiting for assistance from us.


Please enjoy the videos and photos, but always remember that we have a mission here.  The mission is to take care of Working Dogs.  Please consider making a donation or visiting our store and make a purchase to support our efforts.

Thank You