K9 Krijger

On 1-11-16, K9 Krijger was shot and killed in the line of duty. K9 Krijger was shot with two bullets.


Today we mourn his loss and our kindest regards go out to his handler, his handler’s family, his Police Department and his City.

After K9 Krijger was killed, we were compelled to start the “K9 Krijger Vest Campaign.”

Because of some incredibly generous people, we were able to outfit every single patrol K9 in our area (60+ K9’s) with ballistic protection.

The K9 Krijger Campaign is a national campaign and to date, we have, because of our donors, provided 130+ K9 Storm custom ballistic swat vests with the Spike’s K9 Fund add-ons, to K9’s all over the USA.

Each ballistic vest we provide, has been embroidered with K9 Krijger’s service #, K-148


K9 Kriger will not be forgotten.