“Vest Fest”

In between reports of lies and other offensive jackassery in the political season, a bunch of good Americans gathered at a small grassy spot in the great American city of Cincinnati, Ohio to celebrate goodness.  This past weekend, we held our first “Vest-Fest” event.  Our Midwestern Director and all around “volunteer ninja,” Jill Cutter, with the help of Jason “The Wolf” Lewis, set up a great event to recognize the donors and recipients of K9 ballistic vests in Cincinnati and it’s surrounding counties.  It was a rare occasion. We had over 8 working K9’s in attendance.  We had some of our family and corporate donors in attendance.  We had the band Ithika play some great music.  We had prizes and games and swag sales and food and drinks and a great time.  Here is a small video of the event put together by Ryan D’Souza. It was a refreshing affirmation of the goodness in our country.  Police Officers and their K9’s, who have crazy duty schedules made time to be with us.  Donors flew in from Massachusettes and drove in from all over the state of Ohio and elsewhere. It was a great time and left me feeling extremely grateful to be an American.  The generosity and kindness of the donors and volunteers, and the sacrifice of our first responders, both human and K9, provided a moving tribute to the nation we call home.  

Thank you!