With your generosity, Spike’s K9 Fund provided 65 ballistic vests to the working K9’s of Hampton Roads, Virginia. We have moved to a new objective in the “K9 Krijger Campaign.” The Police K9’s of Cincinnati, Ohio.  They have 12 K9’s who need ballistic protection and we, again with your generosity, have provided 4 of them.  Thus “8.”  If you, your family, your business, or your team wish to sponsor a vest you can go to the link provided right there and make a donation of $2500.00 and we will put it to work asap.  If you do that, we will have the vest embroidered with “Generously Donated By _______”

Like the one in the photo below.


So there it is, 65+12=8.  We need help to finish our objective and I need help with math.

We are grateful for all of the love and support we’ve received.

-Thank you-