in the quiet



Last night I was at a speech.  It was a speech by Anderson Cooper, a person I feel fortunate to know just a little bit.  He generously donated his speaking fee to outfit several local K9’s with ballistic vests.  In the audience with me, there were a few Police Officers.  It was great to see them there.  It was great to see that Anderson was able to be thanked,by them, for his gift.

After the speech and the subsequent festivities, most of us went home and went to sleep.

The officer pictured here was also at the speech last night. He went home and went to sleep to prep for a full training schedule this morning.

He was called out a few hours later, in the dark of the very early morning, to take his K9 and try to find a man who suffers from dementia, who had wondered off.

When I saw him this morning, in the cold rain, I was struck by his dedication to the variety of missions in which he and his K9 are called to perform.

It makes me feel better that those dedicated people are out there.  It makes me feel better that they have a loyal partner to help them help us.

It makes me proud that your donations and generosity are helping us help them.

I am grateful.

thank you-