Bring the K9 Krijger Campaign to your Local Police K9’s

EOWHow can your community capitalize on the K9 Krijeger Ballistic Vest Campaign?

We have received many questions from several different communities regarding how they can work with us to get ballistic vests for their local K9 Police.
We recommend approaching a local business and asking them to sponsor a vest or holding a local fundraiser to gather the funds, or both!

Each Ballistic Vest costs $2500.00.

Once we have received the funds, we will take it from there.

Because of Mr. Anderson Cooper’s donation to our 501c3 and the associated notoriety, we have had some significant press and we could speak to your local media outlets if you believe that it would help raise funds.

We want to ensure that K9 Krijger is never forgotten. We want his campaign to effect as many other K9’s as possible.  With your help, that will most certainly happen.

Thank you-